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Peabody Essex Museum
Bride with Fan (detail), 1911, Marc Chagall,
©2007 Artists Rights Society (ARS)

Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, Massachusetts, USA
Wedding Bliss: The Marriage of Art and Ceremony 
26 April - 14 September 2008

The Peabody Essex Museum unveils Wedded Bliss, The Marriage of Art and Ceremony, a wide-ranging exploration of the wedding as artistic inspiration across cultures, lifestyles and three centuries. No exhibition has ever before taken this connective and comparative approach, with 130 paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative objects and multimedia from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific, highlighting the complex beliefs and emotions surrounding the matrimonial experience. From the 18th century to the present, these works reveal the diversity of creative response to weddings, as well as changing attitudes and customs over time.


On Slender Threads


With the fashion of bare wedding gowns, a bride just needs a beautiful wrap sometimes! My friend, Kay Moates of  On Slender Threads, lovingly creates one-of-a-kind wraps—swags, shawls, and capelets—from natural fibers and earthgems. Each knitted garment is thoughtfully crafted by Kay like a meditation. Therefore, you will be wrapping yourself in soothing, heart-opening energy when you wear one of her elegant, organic "slender thread" designs.

See her design images and list of fibers, gems and stones—Kay can customize one of her wraps for you! See what you discover.

[Editor's Note:  For a special occasion or for just a warm wrap or scarf or for a meditation shawl, I'm clear that you will feel something special.

As I wrapped my creamy wool and ribbon gift from Kay around my shoulders, I felt a calmness and a peaceful inner rhythm. At the time, I didn't know of Kay's background in dance, later learning that she created and directed Imagination in Motion, a well-known creative movement dance company for children. Ahhhh…..that was the playful, happy rhythm I felt!]



For over 30 years, Isadora's has specialized in providing their clients with an exquisite collection of antique diamond engagement rings, estate jewelry, elegant vintage evening wear and gorgeous in-house designed wedding gowns. Isadora's has created a collection of romantic 1930s-inspired sleek and stylish gowns that can be customized to suit your body and occasion. They are top-notch at consulting with you so you get all the glamour and grace you have dreamed of!

The Isadora
The Noelle
The Sophie
The Isadora
The Noelle
The Sophie

Your Kind of CakeFondant CakeBride's CakeBridal Cake


If you are lucky enough to have your wedding in the Charleston, South Carolina area—or at least in delivery distance of Dianna Tornow and her Your Kind of Cake company headquartered near there—then the cakes for your reception can be works of deliciously edible art!

Master Cake Decorator and sugar artist extraordinaire, Dianna takes gourmet fillings and white chocolate fondant finishes to a beautiful art-form, creating imaginative and memorable cakes for the most special occasions.


Renton Western Wear


You may or may not be planning a "western wedding," but here is a source for white wool blend western style "bride's hats" with tulle trim, cowgirl inspired festive white outfits, white leather lace-up boots, and a variety of cake toppers and decorative accessories for the reception.

However, what I'm recommending from the Renton Western Wear catalog is a list of "Horse Tips." Lots of practical advice for your wedding if you are indeed planning a wedding using horses—to make your entrance (in western dress or not), or using horse-drawn carriages for guests, or etcetera. Here is a well thought-out list from some horse riding experts! (Order print catalog for list.)

(Renton Western Wear is a third-generation retail store in Renton, Washington and has over 50 years experience in the western wedding business.)

Wedding Library


Our friends at the Wedding Library in New York City are at it again! If you've missed subscribing to their newsletters as we've recommended in a previous issue, then you may have missed their next great idea: The "Perfect Car Kit" for your classy wedding getaway! An elegant magnetized "Just Married!" sign, plus simple silver-color tin cans. An item so new that it may not be on their website yet, so call Claudia or Jennifer at 212-327-0100.

The Bride & Groom Challenge

by Elizabeth Lluch

Just released and available here at Weddings of Grace Amazon Bookstore Especially for Brides! Every year, more than 5 million Americans get married. But how much do the bride and groom really know about each other? The Bride & Groom Challenge is a creative and entertaining game that couples can play to foster communication.



For other recommended books, see our Amazon Especially for Brides Bookstore and the Art of Being a Woman Bookstore!


Kent State Bridal Exhibition: Belle Epoque Brides

Kent State University Museum
Kent, Ohio USA
Bridal Exhibition: Belle Époque Brides
24 January 2008 to 4 January 2009

The exhibition, Belle Époque Brides, features bridal gowns and artifacts from the museum’s collection that represent wedding customs in the United States and Europe during the period between 1875 and 1914 which unfolded a surge in artistic expression. This was a period known as the “Gilded Age” in the United States, and in France as La Belle Époque, the “Beautiful Time,” and spans a time of great change in the lives of women as expressed in fashion.





Meghan Meyers, editor of Portovert online magazine—the #1 green wedding website (and Martha Stewart Weddings agrees!)—has created a new look for her green wedding magazine …even more elegant and abundant full of great tips!  Whether you are just a "slightly green" bride-to-be or completely eco-savvy, check out this delightful resource!


Soolip Green Wedding

A Soolip Wedding presents 'A Green Wedding'

Wanda Wen and her staff at A Soolip Wedding have put together a helpful guide on how to be a more ecological and socially conscious bride and groom from ideas on décor to gift registries.

Their recent annual wedding event in Los Angeles was powered by 100% wind energy, making their smashingly elegant 2008 celebration a "carbon neutral" success. (See Renewable Choice for how you can make a difference!)

Natural Home

Natural Home

Planning your wedding is only the beginning of building a new life as a partner and setting up a home together. So whether you have a thoroughly "green wedding" or are able to at least be more thoughtful with recycling at the reception, having a more eco-friendly home together is an important consideration.

The editors at Natural Home magazine make it easy with hundreds of suggestions and ideas for energy efficiency, for building and remodeling materials, home décor, and more for "living wisely, living well, living green."





If you missed previous issues of Weddings of Grace, go to our Archives for dozens of "green wedding" suggestions in each edition in the Cornelia Recommends section.

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